Why Ken & Karen Are So Angry

Disclaimer: Whether you care or not where Ken & Karen’s anger comes from, understanding the context of their entitlement and rage may help you the next time you are confronted by one.

I now know why Ken and Karen, defined by Forbes as “Unashamed exploiters of white entitlement,” are so angry. I have wondered where all this angst and animosity comes from. The world seems to be working out for Ken & Karen, so why are they spending so much of their time complaining and threatening others?

I thought of the most iconic Ken & Karen of late, Mark & Patricia McCloskey. From the outside, they seem to have it all. They have a Multi-Million Dollar Home that was featured in St. Louis Magazine. They live right next to the Mayor. They have a thriving, lucrative law practice. Just look at how happy they are in this picture inside of their home.

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It’s ironic that Mark & Patricia McCloskey are surrounded by so much wealth, but seem so sad, broke, & lonely.

So, why such resentment and rage Mark & Patricia ? If you simply had let the protestors walk by, no one would have bothered you. Why did you feel the need to escalate the situation and come out flashing guns like it was the Wild, Wild West?

What would compel you to do this?

Then I was reminded of this quote…

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…and had an epiphany based on this question.

The reason for their reaction is because they know. It’s because they know that they don’t deserve all their wealth and power. So, they believed their worst nightmare had come true and the chickens had finally come home to roost.

It didn’t matter how peaceful the protesters were. It didn’t matter whether protestors walked through an open gate or tore it down, as their reaction was never about the protestors. It was about Ken & Karen fearing their own shadow. In their world view, someone was there to take all that they acquired because they knew what they had done. Their whole lives they have exploited and ruined people’s lives in order to acquire their wealth, status, and power. This Ken & Karen, Mark & Patricia, thought by living in a colossal mansion in a gated community, in a part of the city away from “undesirables”, they could hide from that truth.

So when they saw the “mob” of protesters, they thought the worst of these human beings. They believed “these people” were coming to attack them because a dark part of them would have acted in a similar, sinister way. They couldn’t possibly believe the protesters came to peacefully march onto the Mayor’s lawn and didn’t care about them and their gaudy mansion. In their world, it is all about them and Ken & Karen were so sure that these protesters were coming to seek revenge from them because an unconscious part of them believe that they deserved it. It’s similar to an abuser who is worried that eventually the person they’ve abused for so long will exact vengeance on them.

They thought that maybe by donating to both campaigns or representing a person in a police brutality case, they could absolve themselves of guilt.

Think of what this Ken & Karen have had to do their entire adult lives to acquire all their wealth as personal injury lawyers.

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  • All the people they have exploited and all the ways they have taken advantage of the judicial system just to make a profit.
  • All the lies they have had to tell judges, juries, their clients, and even themselves.

They sold their soul to obtain all their power, privilege, and wealth, but it has come at an immense cost to their psyche. So, of course, they would come out with their guns to “protect what is theirs” because they know, at least at an unconscious level, that their life has been built on the backs of exploited people and everything they own is tainted by this truth.

In many ways, Ken & Karen’s reaction encapsulates America and its relationship with history. America constantly is claiming that they are the most powerful country in the world, yet are unable to confront their own shameful past that got them there.

  • How many people have been enslaved and exploited to acquire all these riches?
  • How many lives have been lost to consolidate power?
  • How many atrocities have been justified in the name of the flag?
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America does not want to talk about their appalling past, but it is becoming too difficult to ignore that the Unites States of America is standing on top of hill made up of all the lives that they have destroyed.

So, it makes sense that the Kens and Karen’s of America are going to paint the Black Lives Matters Movement as desiring revenge because in their dark, pessimistic, selfish world, that is what they would do.

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The Far Right is so scared of the repercussions of their actions because in their dark, sad, pessimistic world view, they would seek vengeance if they were not in a position of power.

The Far Right/Alt Right cannot believe that the Black Lives Matters Movement is only seeking equity and equality because all they seek is power…and they only know the methods of exploitation and violence in order to achieve it.

What a sad existence Ken & Karen live in. A world where they don’t trust society because they don’t even trust themselves. A world where their livelihood and all that they have built sits on throne of lies.

The most ironic part of Mark & Patricia McCloskey’s reaction is that their actions have brought them their own demise. All of the work they have done to create a perfect image of who they are and their American dream, gone in an instant. Now replaced by a legacy of memes.

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So, the next time you come across a Ken or Karen just know that their anger is coming from a sad, painful place full of shame and that their own actions will deliver karmic justice.

You simply have to witness it and perhaps post it for the world to see.

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