The Love Is In The Failure

Jeff Harry
1 min readAug 19, 2021

I just had a re-epiphany of how important failure is in your life.

When experience failure over and over again, it doesn’t phase you as much and you realize that you are not defined by your failures or success.

Your value is in just being.

With each failure, you get closer to understanding who you are.

We are constantly looking for validation, to be seen and understood. That’s maybe why we strive for fame and fortune, or a sense of purpose outside of ourselves, hoping when I “do this” or “accomplish this,” then everyone will see me for me, including me.

When what we really desire is to see ourselves and love ourselves.

The healthiest way to get there is to put yourself out there to fail and fail again, and still find the compassion and empathy to love yourself.

The Love Is In The Failure.

Maybe that is why it’s so hard for us to embrace it.



Jeff Harry

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