I’m A Speaker…Where Can I Speak?

Just give me the answers already.

  1. Industry-Specific Conferences
  2. Follow The Path of Speakers You Respect
  3. Industry-Specific Associations
  4. Colleges
  5. High Schools
  6. Speaker Bureaus
  7. Clubhouse
  8. Podcasts
  9. Online Communities

#1. Industry-Specific Conferences

  • Identify the industry and audience that you want to be a part of and then find every conference for that industry that piques your interest.
  • I work with many tech companies, so I created a list of all the Top Tech Conferences Looking For Speakers. I either searched for the speaker application on the conference page or emailed the conference organizers to see if they were taking new speakers.
  • The easiest way to contact the Conference Organizers is by looking them up on LinkedIn and DMing them or you can find their email using Clearbit Connect.
  • Conference Monkey
  • Here is an additional list of conference venues for Speakers Who Need To Speak — 100 Stages

#2. Follow The Path of Speakers You Respect

  • The phenomenal speaker Denise Jacobs, who once filled in for Brene Brown, gave me this advice
  • Denise actually shows her entire list of speaking engagements and probably other speakers do this as well, so you can find venues and conferences that resonate with you
  • If any of your speaker friends have spoken at venues/conferences that you want to speak at, time to call in some favors and ask them if they can do an introduction for you

#3. Industry-Specific Associations

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the SHRM, ATD, & MPI Chapters.

#4. Colleges


#5. Junior High & High Schools

#6. Join A Speaker’s Bureau

#7. Social Audio Apps

Never, in the history of social media, do we have access to people and networks like this 24 hours a day in real-time.

#8. Podcasts

#9. Online Communities

Bonus: Tell Everyone You Know You Are A Speaker

  • Easiest Ask: Would they be willing to share a link with their network or their community of you speaking?
  • Medium Ask: Can they introduce you to someone or to an organization that you want to speak at? (Find out who they are connected with on LinkedIn)
  • Big Ask: Would they be open to hiring you to speak or would they vouch for you to someone that could use your speaking services?

If you simply did this one step with your entire network, you could probably start booking paid speaking gigs right now.





Workplace Positive Psychology Play Whisperer / Helping Fortune 500 Companies Build Psychologically Safe Workspaces Through Positive Psychology & Play

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Jeff Harry

Jeff Harry

Workplace Positive Psychology Play Whisperer / Helping Fortune 500 Companies Build Psychologically Safe Workspaces Through Positive Psychology & Play

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