If Your State Reopens And You Choose To Go Out, You Will Die Or Get Someone Killed

If you live in a state that reopens within the next month without adequate testing, you put yourself at great risk of contracting Covid-19, possibly dying from it and/or transmitting it to someone else that may die because of your choices.

Those are the facts being reiterated by scientists all over the world.

We have received warnings from all around the globe of what will happen if we choose to not take this pandemic seriously and go out.

‘I’m fighting for me and my baby’ — This pregnant woman with COVID-19 shared a chilling message from her hospital bed.
A British nurse and a patient not in the high risk category appeal to people in the UK to stay home
Italians tell their past self what to do differently because of COVID-19
Wu Yaling, a nurse working in Wuhan’s makeshift hospital, finds out about her mother’s death in a phone call.

We have heard from Healthcare Workers on the front lines of American Hospitals about what will happen if we go out:

It’s just gut-wrenching, right?’ — This doctor describes watching her 4-year-old battle COVID-19.

And we have even heard messages from the grave:

This bus driver recorded a warning about COVID-19 — and less than two weeks later, he died from the virus.
Tens of thousands of Americans have already lost their lives due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

We even have warnings from history.

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The Spanish Flu was not taken seriously by Americans. The virus killed 195,000 people in Oct of 1918 alone.
During the 1918 flu, San Francisco lifted its lockdown early — and paid a dire price.

I understand that you feel you need to get back to work, go to church, or do the things you normally did before this pandemic occurred. I understand that you feel you need to make money and you may not be able to do this until this shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders are lifted. I recognize how frustrated you may be and that you may feel like your civil liberties are being violated.

Sacrificing these freedoms for 3–6 months may prevent you from so much heartache, pain, suffering and most importantly, regret.

I don’t want you to have to see the inside of the hospital and wonder if only.

I don’t want you to have to worry about a loved one in the hospital or have to attend a loved ones’ funeral virtually, knowing that you may have been the one that put them there.

I don’t want you to regret any choices you make in the next few months.

The decisions you make within the next month will alter the course of your life forever.

You don’t have to believe me. Do your own research. Look at the data.

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Countries that did social distancing early on and testing of all citizens have been defeating COVID-19
How to read a popular chart of coronavirus cases by country.

Listen to the warnings above. Why risk so much to gain so little?

So please, for not only your sake, but the sake of your neighborhood, your community, health care workers, and essential workers, please choose to stay home.

If you have always wanted to make an impact on this world or save a life, now is your chance. The alternative is so much more scary.

Visual display on how social distancing works
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