How I’m Coping With My WDS Withdrawal

#1. Mourn That WDS Has Come To An End…Instead of Looking For The Next WDS-Like High

“A Thing Isn’t Beautiful Because It Lasts. It Is A Privilege To Be Among Them.”

#2. Celebrate The Magic That Did Happen

Final WDS Bow Tie Meetup. It’s the fastest meetup as it lasts less than 1 minute, shorter than an eclipse.
Two absolutely phenomenal speakers and souls: Marsha Shandur & Trudi Lebron
Love this photo. Laura Pena & Yvonne Ator
Laura Pena Speaking About Empowering Girls Around The World Through She Is The Universe

The random magical moments.

The Stormtrooper Crew Pre-Performance
Look at us Stormtroopers. We are in formation. We didn’t even plan or practice this.
Hope Castaniaga & Scott Rabara (who makes music).
What Would Ted Lasso Do?
Some of the WDS Playhouse People. We are missing Hannah Stomski & Ajay Soni.

#3. Reach out to the WDSers that bring a smile to your face when you think of them and thank them

#4. Bring WDS With You…But Tangibly How?

Perfectly captures the magical WDS randomness. Bubble Guy is enveloped, while another guy is not amused.

#5. Explore What You Want To Create Next…But Only When You Are Ready

What small action can I do today that cracks open the WDS part of me?

Thank You, Chris, Jolie, & The WDS Team for creating such a magical experience that changed our lives.



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