How Using Your Imagination More Can Alter The Course Of Your Life

All of our greatest innovations, conquests, explorations of self, ways in which we have grown as a human race came from allowing ourselves to explore our imagination and ask the question, “I wonder if this is possible?”

Play Experiment To Spark Your Imagination

#1. Find a way to soothe or calm yourself down

The Play Thought Leader, Gwen Gordon, says you are unable to play until you are in a calm state. In a way, you adopt your nervous system from the person who took care of you the most. So, identify the ways that calm you down (I.e. take a shower, go for a walk/run, do morning pages, dance, etc.)

#2. Get Bored

Once you are able to soothe yourself, then allow yourself to get bored. If you think about it, when you were a kid, your best ideas came when you were bored. Also, your most dangerous ideas, but also your best ideas. How do we get bored?

#3. Follow Your Curiosity

Simply start listening to that whisper and see where it takes you. It could tell you something as strange as dress up in a costume and dance in your house. The answer actually doesn’t really matter. It’s more important to build the practice of listening to your inner child, your inner curiosity, and simply doing what it says. Because once your inner child realizes that you want to play, it’ll start to speak to you more. Once that happens, the adventure begins.

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