I just had a re-epiphany of how important failure is in your life.

When experience failure over and over again, it doesn’t phase you as much and you realize that you are not defined by your failures or success.

Your value is in just being.

We are constantly looking for validation, to be seen and understood. …

Dear CEO’s & Top Fortune 500 Executives,

The decisions you make in the next 3 months will determine the success of your company for the next decade.

This is the canary in the coal mine message that attempting to return to a pre-pandemic normal where you expect staff to ignore the fact that we just experience a once-in-a-century pandemic may lead to you becoming as irrelevant as Blockbuster Video.

We are witnessing the largest migration of the U.S. Labor Force out of Corporate America since the Great Depression. Are you ready for it?

The signs are there.

In the pre-pandemic work world, the business world celebrated hustle culture. Whether Gary Vaynerchuk told you to work 12 hours a day to prove yourself or the corporate executives celebrating the toxic work environment that Steve Jobs and Elon Musk made normal, many heroes in the business world were telling you to give up your physical and mental health for the grind.

Originally written back in 2017 while working for the LEGO-Inspired STEM organization, Play-Well TEKnologies.

Parents frequently ask “How can my kid become a LEGO® Master Builder?”

Although we are not LEGO® Master Builders ourselves, we have met a few of them and we have spent a great deal of time in the world of LEGO®. So, we decided the best way to answer these questions is to compile an extensive list of our favorite resources about the various paths of turning your love of LEGO® into a career.

We apologize for the length, as we wanted to make it as…

How can we, as men, be true allies to womxn in helping to create a world where toxic masculinity, male privilege, and power are artifacts of the past?

Why do womxn have to adapt to this insane, unsafe world instead of addressing the systematic, patriarchal problems that benefit us, as men, at the expense of womxn?

We are in 2021, so why does it feel like it’s 1821?

I’m currently exploring how I have contributed to this toxic masculine culture and how to dismantle the supremacy power structure that has solely helped men. …

In so many articles and videos about speaking, I hear so much advice about how to craft your talk, how to market your talk, but rarely does anyone ever give tangible advice on where you can actually apply to speak as a speaker.

Just give me the answers already.

So, I did my own research to find the answers and this is what I came up with.

Some of these suggestions I have tried, and others I have simply been recommended. Let me know which ones you find most effective.

I have broken down the categories of places to speak into these 9 areas:

  1. Industry-Specific…


When did we forget that dating isn’t supposed to be a job, but a fun adventure where you can play, explore your curiosity, and create memorable experiences (even if you don’t end up with the person)?

I was recently interviewed on two dating podcasts. The famous Date/Able Podcast hosted Julie Krafchick and Yue Yosemite Xu and Sandy Weiner’s Last First Date Podcast.

We explored how play is related to dating. I got inspired to explore how dating is just another form of playing. Now, I am no expert when it comes to dating, but I do consider myself…

I recently had a conversation with a well-known YouTuber and Trump Supporter, Dr. Karlyn Borysenko. The goal was to have a civilized conversation, try to understand each other, and possibly find common ground.

The conversation lasted 3 hours.

Here’s the proof:

My main takeaway from this discussion was:

We must get outside your echo chamber and attempt to have civilized, respectful conversations with people we disagree with.

For many small businesses just starting out, when they hear the word “marketing,” it makes them cringe. Why can’t they simply do the work that they do best? Why must businesses have to sell themselves or brag about how great they are rather than simply do the work they do best, and let it speak for itself.

If you feel that way when it comes to marketing, then this article is for you. I was the VP of Marketing for one of the largest STEM organizations in the country for a decade and what I learned, in all those years…

You hear all the time the question: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I think the more powerful question though is:

What would you do anyway even if you knew you would fail?

Why this question? Because if you did something knowing it would fail, but you were motivated to keep going anyway, that would show true love, true admiration, a true commitment to the work. You then aren’t in it for the results. You aren’t in it for the prestige, the fame, the fortune, the admiration, the praise, or the recognition. …

Jeff Harry

Workplace Positive Psychology Play Whisperer / Helping Fortune 500 Companies Build Psychologically Safe Workspaces Through Positive Psychology & Play

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